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Laser Teeth Whitening With Zoom

The aspiration for a perfect, radiant, and white smile is on the rise, driven by various factors, including aesthetic considerations. The progress in dental technology has paved the way for numerous procedures aimed at enhancing our smiles. Currently, there are two widely adopted in-office treatments for teeth whitening, both sharing a similar approach but distinguished by specific features.

laser teeth whitening with zoom


In comparison to the use of at-home whitening strips, the two primary in-office treatments are laser teeth whitening and Zoom teeth whitening. These procedures follow a similar pattern by employing a whitening agent that holds the endorsement of the American Dental Association. Usually, this agent is in the form of a gel, and, with the assistance of light-emitting apparatus, it facilitates the infiltration of the tooth enamel, effectively eradicating surface stains and brightening the teeth. For instance, in laser teeth whitening, laser light is applied, leading to an oxidation reaction.

A standard laser teeth whitening session typically takes around an hour. This treatment is most suitable for cases in which only one, two, or a select few teeth exhibit noticeable staining. As a result, the procedure is concentrated on these specific teeth, with the gel and light applied individually to each one, thereby elongating the overall time spent in the dental office.

On the contrary, if your aim is to achieve uniform teeth whitening for all your teeth, the preferred choice would be Zoom teeth whitening. This method involves the concurrent application of gel and light to all your teeth. While many individuals experience noticeable improvements in tooth color after their initial session with either approach, the duration of these results is contingent on the care taken by the patient post-treatment. Teeth tend to become more susceptible to staining over time, making it essential to schedule subsequent sessions at prescribed intervals to attain and sustain the desired shade.

Teeth Whitening Laser procedure.


Teeth Whitening Laser

Performed by experienced dental specialists, Zoom teeth whitening is an in-office procedure tailored for individuals desiring to revitalize the color of their teeth, especially if they exhibit noticeable yellowing attributed to factors like the natural aging process, frequent consumption of teeth-staining foods and drinks, or lifelong habits affecting tooth color. This treatment involves the application of a safe and effective acid, which, when activated by a specialized light, initiates a chemical reaction on the tooth’s surface, leading to a brightening transformation.


The process of Zoom teeth whitening is remarkably uncomplicated. The first step involves your dentist applying a protective barrier to shield your gums and lips, safeguarding these tissues from potential irritation or damage caused by the hydrogen peroxide-based gel. This gel is the key element responsible for directly enhancing the whiteness and brightness of the tooth’s surface. The gel is left in contact with the tooth’s surface for about 15 minutes, during which a specialized light is employed to generate heat. This heat-induced reaction activates the gel, enabling it to execute its intended function.

In contrast to laser teeth whitening, which targets one tooth at a time due to its narrow laser beam, Zoom whitening employs both the gel and the light to treat all teeth simultaneously. Consequently, the procedure uniformly and consistently affects all teeth with the same intensity.

Upon completion of this timeframe, the gel is carefully removed, revealing immediate results. For a more remarkable and enduring transformation, it is advisable to undergo a minimum of three 15-minute sessions of Zoom teeth whitening, summing up to a 45-minute treatment. During each session, you’ll experience a significant improvement in the color of your teeth.

laser teeth whitening with zoom


Zoom has emerged as a popular choice for teeth whitening, and, akin to laser whitening, it is executed in a dental clinic under the supervision of dentists. However, distinctions exist between these two methods:

  • Application: In contrast to laser whitening, Zoom teeth whitening is administered in a manner that affects all the teeth simultaneously, resulting in immediate improvements to the overall smile. Laser whitening, on the other hand, is typically employed in specific scenarios, such as when one or two individual teeth display a noticeable color discrepancy and require lightening.
  • Time: Zoom whitening sessions are brief, usually around 15 minutes, in contrast to laser whitening, which typically extends to an hour. The discrepancy in time is due to the fact that laser whitening targets individual teeth that require whitening, addressing them one at a time.
  • Speed: The American Dental Association has conducted several studies, and their findings affirm that Zoom whitening provides faster results than laser whitening. Notably, these results become evident following the initial appointment.
  • Effects and tolerance: Given the accelerated and superior outcomes of Zoom whitening when compared to laser whitening, it’s essential to recognize that a few patients could develop dental sensitivity towards temperature variances subsequent to their Zoom whitening sessions.


  • Safety: While both treatments employ safe products and equipment approved by the American Dental Association, their administration should be confined to skilled dental practitioners in a clinical setting. Nonetheless, vigilance is paramount during and after the treatment. It’s essential to bear in mind that teeth whitening is suitable solely for healthy teeth, necessitating a comprehensive examination by your dentist before commencing the whitening process. Any issues, including cavities resulting from decay or other conditions, should be addressed before initiating the whitening.
  • Care: If you’re looking for results that endure, it’s vital to consider that after the teeth whitening treatment, your teeth are more prone to staining than usual. Therefore, it’s advisable to abstain from consuming items that could potentially discolor your teeth, particularly in the first week. This entails avoiding beverages like wine, coffee, tea, dark sodas, and strongly colored drinks, as well as foods, snacks, and confections with vibrant hues.
  • Effect: Both laser teeth whitening and Zoom procedures yield superior outcomes compared to at-home treatments, although the degree of success can be variable. The effectiveness depends on various aspects, including the gel’s strength, the nature of the stains to be addressed, and the patient’s comfort and commitment throughout the treatment. Generally, these treatments are most proficient at combatting brown and yellow stains. However, gray discolorations resulting from events like trauma or the use of tetracycline may prove unresponsive to these whitening techniques, mandating alternative solutions like crowns or veneers.
  • Sensitivity: Sensitivity is yet another aspect to take into consideration. In response, your dentist could recommend the use of pain-relief measures. All of these factors will impact the appropriate timing for the treatment, with a focus on patient compliance with the provided recommendations.
  • Supplements: At times, your dentist could propose using whitening trays at home to help sustain the whitening benefits for an extended period.
  • Duration: It’s worth noting that no whitening procedure, irrespective of your selection, offers permanent results, and quite a few patients may find it essential to have the treatment renewed every six months.

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